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The "Sternarkaden"

The traditional “Sternbräu” premises were altered, renovated and partially rebuilt under the project name “Sternarkaden”. In addition to the well-known catering establishments, the premises now also feature new business units units and modern apartments.


The motto of the “Sternarkaden” project is to preserve the old, but also to allow the modern and contemporary. The project by developer IBT.AG saw the complete restructuring and refitting of the catering establishments. The listed “Sternbräu” premises were preserved and restored. A basement was constructed under much of the area to create additional space. A new building complex now structures the old and new areas affording plenty of room for modern commercial units. A major step has been taken towards making the old city district of Salzburg more attractive.


The Sternbräu history

The Sternbräu Chronicle

The “Sternbräu” premises have changed their appearance time after time over the course of the centuries. You can read about their eventful past in the history, which is also published in a book. 156 pages as hardcover edition contain the historically founded chronicle of the building, including several drawings and photographies.


A German and an English edition is available for 25 Euros in the "Sternbräu". For online orders please use the contact form. For deliveries within Austria a parcel service will be used (plus packaging and postage). For all other countries, the chronicle is available at the bookshop (ISBN 978-3-7025-0776-3 for the German and ISBN 978-3-7025-0788-6 for the English issue).



Also available in English!
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